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Hearn Motorsports New 2500 Hull / Driver For 2021

North Webster, IN., Oct 9th, 2020 – Hearn Motorsports (HMS) is proud to announce that they have teamed up with Frederic Couturier and the Hydroid Racing Team to race the brand new F-52 Barber-Jones hull that is currently being completed and readied for the 2021 season.

The new Barber-Jones hull was purchased as a kit from Australia and is being modified and finished over the offseason. This hull will sport the same reverse color scheme you see on the H-52 for 2021 painted by Alexe Pilon.

“We are pleased to have Fred and his team take over the maintenance and driving duties for the 2021 season!” said Richard Hearn, team Owner. “The Hydroid team has always shown the ability to run up front including being the 2018 Regates De Valleyfield Champion in the S2.5 Class. Their team’s character and willingness to succeed were a huge factor in HMS choosing them as a partner” Hearn continued.

“All of us at Hearn Motorsports look forward to seeing just how capable this new Barber-Jones hull is” said Fred, Driver of the F2500 #52. While a Jones Kit, Paul Barber is building and putting his 10+ years of powerboat racing experience into the design just as he did his own winning H350 #52 boat. Couturier continued, “HMS is a winning team and gives us the best opportunity to be upfront.”

About the team:

The Legacy - Very few people understand the significance behind the "Legacy" which is the foundation of this race team. The true nature of this legacy has extended itself outside of blood relations and encompasses those who have become "family" through their generational racing ties over nearly 100 years. For these families, Hydroplane Racing is much more than putting a fast boat on the water and pulling for a win. It has become a bond that has held them together over the years, where memories have been made, victories have been celebrated and dreams have become one.

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