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Brandon Kennedy

GP Driver - #14

Brandon Kennedy has had a stellar career in Grand Prix. He has won multiple events in including the prestigious Regates De Valleyfield 3 times in GP alone and a total of 9 times overall! Brandon has also won 2 HRL GP Series Championships and has his eyes set on a 3rd. Brandon was born with gasoline in his veins and a need for speed. Having been born into a family of hydroplane racers it was only a short time before he was racing  himself. At the age of 4 Brandon began riding motocross and endure bikes and over the next ten years he was racing in multiple classes. At the age of 14 he became the 4th generation Kennedy to become a inboard hydroplane racer and has been setting records and winning championships ever since!!

Inboard Accomplishments:
4 Time APBA High Points Champion
2 Time HRL GP Series Points Champion
8 Time Summer National Champion
5 Time Divisional Champion
8 Time Regates De Valleyfield Wins 3 in Grand Prix
3 Time World Record Holder
4 Time U.I.M World Champion
1 Triple Crown Championship (Worlds, Easterns, Nationals)
Numerous HRL GP Series Event wins

Birthdate: July 16, 1992 

Birthplace: Bear, DE

Hometown: Bear, DE 

Residence: Newark, DE

Ht/Wt:  5'6  165lbs

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